Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your fabric lines?
Please click on Where to Buy in the menu bar at the top of the page. You will find a listing of retail fabric shops and on-line fabric stores categorized by state. If you are selling our fabrics and want to be included on the list, please email us!

I’m a retailer, how can I sell your fabrics in my store?
Please click on Wholesale in the menu bar at the top of the page for the contact information you will need. Thank you so much for your interest in selling our fabrics!

May I make a small amount of items from your fabric and then sell them?
Yes please! We do ask, however, that you mention that the fabric is designed by Pillow & Maxfield and please also make it clear that you are the creator of the items. Thank you!

May I use the photography from your website?
Please email us at for our permission. If we are able to give you our permission, we will ask that you always link the credit back to our website.

May I use your fabric designs or copy them to decorate my website or promote my own goods?
While we certainly appreciate that you like our artwork, we own the copyright for all the originally created designs on all of our fabrics. Thus, you are unable to use or reproduce the images in whole or in part to promote your own goods without express written consent from us.

May I link to your website on my site?
Yes, and thank you very much!

Interested in Licensing Opportunities with Pillow & Maxfield?
We are always open to exploring new relationships with manufacturers. If you believe that Pillow & Maxfield designs would be a perfect complement to your product, we would love to learn more about your company. Please contact us at

Thank you for stopping by and we wish you happy sewing!